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People always say you're too young to be thinking about marriage. I believe you're never too young to start preparing yourself for someone that is worth keeping. For that man or woman that God has for you. Don't start thinking about it when you are close to it, but.. embrace that the beauty of life is shared with someone you know you will love to keep. Everyday I will pray to see this day...

The Reason Why I Press On!

So, here I am in Guyana.. wondering if I wanted to continue on with 5linx. I came to a firm conclusion with my answer and it is a YES! This article God guided me to tells me why :3


Perfect article.

5Linx Pyramid Scheme-- Just Stop Trying to Find Excuses and Start Making it Happen Instead
Camilo E Machado

Camilo E Machado, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Jan 25, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here."

Seeking to verify 5Linx scam claims? Keep looking. Absolutely no such type of remarks are going to be validated in this article. I absolutely understand the desire to carry out your homework. I'm also able to recognize that we reside in a world in no way devoid of dishonest folks. However , you really have to challenge the authenticity of the 5Linx scam reports. And mind you, I maintain absolutely no association with 5Linx. But I did my homework nevertheless, and already know people that excel with the organization.
Folks, I get it. The Network marketing industry holds these large hotel meetings and get every person pumped up about this really accessible road to success. People stroll out of there on cloud nine feeling they are able to tackle a 5 ton elephant. 30 days later, when they have not made $10,000 yet, these people cry 5Linx scam.

However, if you're even slightly objective, you definitely will recognize that this is completely bogus. Let's face it, 5Linx is a rapidly growing telecommunications company enjoying phenomenal rewards. They're not achieving this by deploying some intricate 5Linx scam on hopeless souls.

5Linx was published on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies four years in a row. They enjoy a distributor and customer base in the tens of thousands. Their revenues for 2008 closed in on $50 million. They've got an experienced and accomplished leadership team. And, they offer an array of telecommunication goods that folks want, need, and already use. Their organization model is extremely solid. So how could there be a legitimate 5Linx scam claim?

This is nothing more than the result of disgruntled organization associates who failed at their 5Linx organization and blamed the company for their shortcomings. Most of the time, this is precisely where the 5Linx scam rumors originate. And that's unfortunate because if there's one thing 5Linx--along with every other MLM company is guilty of--is not providing the necessary marketing training to ensure more far-reaching results.

Now, I realize that statement might be broad and misinterpreted by some. But the truth is that success in network marketing has always been the result of individuals stepping into their own greatness. In other words, the 3% that makes the real money in MLM made a decision to become leaders. And they didn't do it by sipping the MLM prospecting kool-aid. They knew that in order to succeed, they needed to find a way to brand themselves as visible leaders and then leverage marketing to monetize that personal brand.

Back in the day, this was done via tapes, magazines, books and hotel meetings, just to name a few. Today, this is done a lot more efficiently and widely affordable via the internet. In fact, if 5Linx distributors would take the time to educate themselves on attraction marketing and internet marketing strategies, they would never cry 5Linx scam. There would be no reason to since marketing is a scientific and proven practice that works if you do. And if it works for entities like Sony, Apple or even individuals like Mike Dillard, Tony Robbins and Oprah, then it will work for you too. Guaranteed.

So do i think 5Linx a scam? Absolutely not. It is a reputable business that pays its representatives quite well when they are ready to carry out the work and think outside the box. Does the comp plan call for a lot of business activity to actually pay returns? Of course. I will not lie to you there. But when you currently have tens of millions upon millions of possible qualified prospects on the web, there is simply no shortage of individuals to sponsor with the push of your mouse. You just need to become familiar with a handful of easy strategies to make it happen. Do this, and you'll be living proof that there is absolutely no credibility to the 5Linx scam rumors after all.

The Contributor has no connection to nor was paid by the brand or product described in this content.

Sweet Everything..

A sweet flavor on my tongue,
An unfamiliar flavor that's a substitute for love. Here I am catching my breath, unsteady breathing took me on a toll past the sudden yelp to be refreshed.
Oh my, a revival cry.. How could something so simple, so unfamiliar, be beneficial? Oh, but it is.. The taste I'm in love with.. The flavor, that's so strong it's overwhelming.. The flavor that's so sweet it beats milk and honey.. I'm astonished. How could it be, that someone such as myself, could experience a taste so serene.. I'm here tasting happiness, joy and peace.. God, look at what youve given to me.. I couldn't be more grateful for the taste of grace and sincerity...


Velvety Goodness

I can touch.. And feel velvet.
I admire my hearts desires.. I feed off of sweet treasures.
Far from lust, more of satisfaction.
I see myself as a treasure of attraction.
I admire my senses as a privilage. I see no harm in going into the depth passing my limits..
I have a starving hunger to have a desire for a natural pasture. To have a lively scent of joy and compassion.. Something that seems to satisfy my stature..
To see the beauty that God put together. The scent of the wet grass, a soft velvety touch beneath my hands..
I'll see him as more of my treasure. Learning to understand more of him, as he helps to become familiar with my stature.. Sure I'd say it's physically logical.. But our faith and imagination seems to be the source to our passion.. More than just a feeling.. It's such a marvellous,vivid turn of bonding.. An experience so appealing.
Life is getting sweeter upon my tongue. Falling into place the way God wants. A vow is a vow, much more powerful than a promsie.. God answered my prayers, and made me stronger.. I appreciate my senses. I appreciate God's intentions.. He kept his promise, by creating such a masterpiece.. I'll devour every bit, because it's all for me.


Love Over Flowers ♥

To admire his body.. Is to admire his every touch. As sensitive as she was.. He became acceptant to the rush.. Her kisses were soft upon his ear. Down to his lips, with a craving for his tongue.. She dived right into the desire for another rush.. Her body warm as she rubbed against him.. She examined every inch of his beautiful stature,kissing down his sweet skin.. She found him as a precious art to devour.. Tracing his chest, down to the inches she loved the best.. With slow strokes, licks to sucks.. Fondling him in one area made him sweat and beg for her love.. The sucks got deeper, he gripped harder.. He became close, she swallowed him whole with a few chokes.. His release was beyond his very dreams, and she was happier to fulfill his dying need. Kissing up, with small caressing, planting herself upon him.. She found it easy to slip him in, finding the balance between the two of them.. Sharing stares of pleasure and pain, biting lips, moaning names.. Her hips moved in circles to his motion, she pressed on his chest, softly kissed his neck.. Moaning in his ear, he found ecstasy, her warmth consumed him, her wetness controlled him, Finding perfection in her motion.. She took the life out of him. Growing tired in his arms.. She dripped till it was all gone. The mix of their delight, lasted till the morning's bright light.. It was worth the sleepless night... *Dedicated to the cravings of the night. Hopefully to be shared with someone that is right.*


Can't be Lost.. Always forgiven.

Psalm 30:5.. For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning...


Though I'm still losing sleep as we speak.. I know you're watching over me. Letting me know it's okay.. I don't have to keep fighting myself.. But I can now defend myself..


Love For God's Creations :]

I had to save this. I related to this lovely message so greatly.


Have you ever experienced the love of an animal? I have pet cats, and like many pet owners or people who work with animals, I know that they can be very affectionate. When my cat loves me, I praise God for His wonderful Creation and for sharing His love with us through animals. Do you ever see God’s love because of interaction with nature? It is fun to praise Him when we can witness the amazing world He has made.


Loving Creator God
God made a marvelous universe, and He has a miraculous plan to redeem all Creation. The Apostle Paul preached to the wise people of Athens,* “He is the God who made the world and everything in it” (Acts 17:24)*.
Not only did He create everything, He loves it, too: *“You care for people and animals alike, O Lord"
(Psalms 36:6)*.
Jesus told us that* “not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it”(Matthew 10:29)*.


Our Reaction to His Creation
What are we to do with the beautiful and useful handiwork of His? God instructed His people to be in charge of the animals and to care for the earth. God said people should *“Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground”(Genesis 1:28)*.
He told them, *“You must not defile the land where you live”(Numbers 35:34)* 
St. Paul wrote,* “Since God chose you to be the holy people He loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience” (Colossians 3:12)*, which goes along with the Biblical wisdom that* “The godly care for their animals” (Proverbs 12:10)*.


Reconciling All Creation
God has miracles in store for His people and His creation. We know it, and God lets His creation be aware, somehow, too – St. Paul wrote about how God’s *“creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay”(Romans 8:21)* 
So we can rejoice that the Lord has chosen to let us live in and care for His wonderful world, and that through Jesus Christ,*“God reconciled everything to Himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross” (Colossians 1:20)*.

Be That Light In The Dark Room

Be that Candlelight In A Dark Room.
Philippians 4:6-- Pray for loved ones.
If they act worse than better,rejoice..
James 5:16. When we pray great things are happening. Always believe that God is changing that person. Rejoice and be thankful even though you don't see him. Pray prayers that God can answer. Pray for God to send the right person to save that person.
Be normal. No need to turn religious.. It'll keep you away from saving that person. Don't speak Christianese.. Pray for that person at all times, don't be religious. Be your "Godly Normal-self". No need to attend service 24/7. It's right to be an example, not forcing them. Pray that God puts the perfect labor in their path. Be peaceful and happy. :). Great example.
P.S. Don't let these people make you unhappy.

Rebound Girl.

Second place. Maybe Third. Fourth. Fifth. Still never first.
A poem about a relay race.
This one taking the hardest route. Moving to slow of a pace.
Avoiding the fast life.
Helping everyone along way.
She realized saying no is always her challenge of the day.
Her arms always open,ready to give and forget to recieve.
Her eyes are open in reality.
Knowing that good brings back good. Positivity can't tear you down.
It's just a much harder route trying to go all around.
Life gets sweeter, people see her..
But, not victory in her mist,she looks at life trying to figure out,"why she takes in a life like this?"..
In return she gets hurt. Trampled on. Left in distraught.
She's there for the people that wouldn't be there for her at all.
Ex's come back needing the comfort.. She even helps them to be happy and gain self worth.
Rebound girl.. Where are you set?
In Romans Chapter 12.. Set on verse 11?
You're set in the right place, keep going my dear..
God has what you deserve.
Don't let go just to live in fear.
The narrow path is where you belong and you'll only get stronger in battle. Live your life in happiness and continue to love like there's no tomorrow. :)




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